Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekend blues

The weekend is almost over and no writing from my keyboard . . . other than the blogs of course.

I spent Friday in court with my son . . . no fun and a big waste of time as the judge didn't want to hear from any witnesses. *roll eyes* I am not pleased with having my son subpoenaed, having to pull him out of school, and sitting there for the proceedings for no reason. On the upside, the court experience only lasted about 20 minutes. *sigh*

After court, we picked up the younger kids from school and came home to a hectic evening. Saturday was spent cleaning the house . . . not surface cleaning, my friends, but deep, dark depths of cupboards, corners, closets . . . that kind of cleaning. Unfortunately, we didn't get to the entire house. It took all day to complete the kitchen cupboards and the shelves in my bedroom.

Yeah, it was dark, scary and frightening, but it felt good to get it done. Next weekend will likely bring more deep, dark cleaning . . . or I may blow off the cleaning and do some writing.

I suppose I could have done some writing today, but feeling lazy after the cleaning episode, my hubby and I chose to lay in bed and watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer (season 7). Yeah, I suppose I should have spent my time more wisely, but it felt good to do nothing and zone out in front of the TV.

Now, it's only a quarter to four in the afternoon and there is still time to get some writing done . . . I may yet. I still haven't gotten my chapter by chapter outline typed up for Books of Bestowal: Destroyer's Hope (the novel formerly known as The Four Powers: The Amulet of Hope) so I could get to it today . . . if I feel like it . . . which I might. *grin*

Write on.


  1. Joan, I love the new title! Very YA! Have you changed a lot about the manuscript since I last read it? I want to hear all about it! The 2005 7 will be meeting again the 1st Mon. of the month - normal place! 2pm est. Be there or be square. Use the secret knock.
    - Janelle

  2. I agree with Janelle about the new title!

    And all this time I didn't know you had a blog and that you've been following mine. No fair!

  3. Thanks guys. I can't remember when you last read it, Janelle, but I suspect a whole lot has changed (hopefully for the better) since I've been through SEVERAL versions to get this far. I'll try to remember to make it to the meeting next Monday. I'll be at work so it's hard to sneak online.

    Hee hee hee, Bish. I'm a stalker. *grin* I've been away from blogging for a LONG time. If it makes you feel better, I only just found your blog and started following it. *smile*

    I'm trying to be better about blogging and following blogs. It gets complicated because I have this Blogger one and a Live Journal one. But I recently discovered Windows Live Writer which allows me to post the same post to both blogs with a few clicks. LOVE IT!!

    Thanks for finding me here. I miss you guys!