Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Novel Novel Review

It's that time again!

Here's a quick reminder of my rating system

A+--I thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend this book. In most cases, I passed it on to my child/teen.

A--I enjoyed this book and I might pass it on to my child/teen.

B--I liked this book, but probably won't pass it on to my child/teen.

C--I thought it was okay, but I won't pass it on to my child/teen.

D--I didn't like this book, and won't allow my child/teen to read it.

F--I hope I never have to go here. =D

I will give reasons for my rating in my review, but if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. If you find your book here, don't panic if I rate it below an A. These are my personal preferences and I'm only one small person in a large market. =D

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to have been able to review this book! I’ve read the entire series and to get to this, the final book is bitter-sweet. I’ve enjoyed immersing myself in the world of Fablehaven, but I’m sad to see it end. Enough moping. On to the review!


Rating A+ (and a few more +)

Category: Fantasy

After centuries of plotting, the Sphinx has all five KEYS TO THE DEMON PRISON within his grasp. He's preparing to open Zzyzx and release the most monstrous evil ever created. Kendra, Seth, and the Knights of the Dawn must travel to far off preserves as they attempt to save the world from the Sphinx and his followers.

All creatures of light must join together if they want a future free of demons.

Alliances are confirmed, secrets are revealed, new characters are introduced, and one quest leads to another as the series moves toward its explosive conclusion.

I can't recommend this series enough! If you've been waiting to read, don't wait any longer.

I've enjoyed reading the FABLEHAVEN series, but I’m sad it had to come to an end. If you're like me and want to read more of Mull's novels, get your hands on a copy of THE CANDY SHOP WARS (which I loved and am hoping for a sequel). Also, Mull has a picture book, PINGO, and will have a new series, THE BEYONDERS, beginning in 2011.


This book releases today!

Happy Book Birthday, Brandon!

If you love fantasy and intricate plotting, I urge you to read this series (if you haven’t already).


Now I have to hurry off to class. =)


Read on.

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