Monday, March 8, 2010

Research papers . . . BLAH!

Double Blah! My paper is due on Tuesday and it’s driving me crazy! It’s not that I don’t like researching, it’s just that I don’t like having to be so “formal” in my writing. I can’t seem to get this paper to click. The information is there (though I think I need a bit more opposition since it’s supposed to be an argumentative paper), but I can’t seem to get it together in an appealing way (IMO).

Oh well, it’s only 400 points of my grade. ;-) I’m sure I’ll get it to work eventually . . . hopefully before Tuesday night’s class.

This morning, I’m off to ceramics class. I’m so glad I decided to drop Geology and take up ceramics. I’m loving the creative outlet and it helps calm me. I’d never done anything with clay before, and I had no idea how soothing it could be to create something out of . . . well, basically mud. If I get a chance, I’ll take some pictures of my work to share (though don’t expect anything amazing since I’m just starting out).

After class, I’ll be back to working on the dreaded research paper. I’m dying to have this done so I can get back to my revisions. Unfortunately, after I finish this research paper, I have another one to do and also an interview with someone from another culture to start (for Multicultural Diversity in Education class).

And to top it all off, I think I’m changing my mind about what I want to go into with my education. I’m currently working toward Elementary Education, but only because the local community college doesn’t offer what I really wanted—Library Science. However, one of my sisters is almost finished with her degree in Library Science and just informed me that her local college offers all the classed for LS online!! ONLINE, people.

This means I CAN go into LS like I wanted. The classes I’ve already taken will count toward the LS degree, and I can continue to take the basic General Education courses required for the degree here at my local college. After I get the LS degree, I can always continue toward Elementary Education if I want.

So, I’m off to ceramics (which doesn’t count toward any degree but is so much fun I may have to take it every semester). Hmmm . . . but I’m thinking I might come home and reward all my hard research paper work with some revisions on the novel instead . . . . =D

Write on.

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