Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The best laid plans . . .

Well, things never work out like I plan them. We took the kids to the in-laws over the weekend. They’re supposed to be staying for a week so I’ve been looking forward to a week of writing.

It hasn’t happened.

My mother called yesterday and begged me to drive down and help her with the garden. I took my oldest son (he was off work yesterday) with me and we picked peas and zucchini and pulled weeds. It was fun, but it meant no writing time yesterday.

After I got home last night, my mother-in-law called to inform me that oldest daughter was running a fever (102). They gave her some children’s ibuprofen and kept an eye on her today, but her fever went back up (103) so I left at 4:20 pm and drove an hour (almost half way) to meet them in Clint’s Wells and bring daughter home. The other two kids didn’t want to come home so they’re staying until Saturday or Sunday.

I was able to call and get daughter an appointment with her doctor tomorrow so we’ll see what’s going on . . . I hope.

I did manage to get a bit of writing done this morning. I only wish it could have been more. Still, considering everything that’s been happening, I’m glad I even got this much done!


14% down and 86% to go. =)

At least oldest daughter isn’t demanding when she’s sick. She usually lays around on the couch with her drinks on a side table and watches TV or something. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get some writing done tomorrow . . . but we’ll see if it happens.

Since the other kids aren’t here, she may want to lay in here on my bed and watch TV which will mean too much distraction for me to write.

But that’s okay, she’s my little girl and I’m willing to sacrifice writing time if it helps her to feel a bit better. That’s what moms are for, and I’m a mom before I’m a writer . . . dang it. ;-)

Mom on!

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  1. I know--dang it! Good luck. Hope she feels better, for her sake and yours!