Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mayday MayDay and Update

Okay, so I’ve been so busy writing today that I forgot to post the final Mayday MayDay Wednesday check in. Hey, at least I remembered before Thursday! =)

So, how are you all coming on your goals?

It’s been a tough few months for me writing wise with school, kids, etc., but things are finally starting to kick into place. I had an epiphany at about 2:30 am (why is it that epiphanies can’t wait for a decent hour?) and jumped out of bed to write it all down.

I tried to go back to sleep afterward, but I couldn’t. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get any writing done either since hubby was trying to sleep and the tap, tap, tap, of the keys wakes him up. So, I waited until the decent hour of 6:30 am (time to wake up the kids) and then started writing (after I woke up the kids).

I would like to have written more, but oldest son had a half-day of school because of finals (this will happen tomorrow too) so I had to stop writing to bring him home and get him something to eat.

Anyway, I’m not done writing for the day (at least I hope not . . . but the kids are home from school now so concentration will be a challenge), but here is my word meter so far:


Hope you are all having a great writing Wednesday!

Write on.

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