Thursday, May 20, 2010

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor

Are your revising fingers feeling sluggish? Can’t seem to get them to write much?

Is your plot staging a major coup?

Are your characters running away with your story faster than the Gingerbread Man?

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Don’t let your manuscript CRASH as you struggle on your own. Join today and let CRASH help you. Memberships start as low as one completed manuscript in need of revision. A price any author can afford.

But wait, there’s more!

If you join within the next five seconds we’ll send you our patent pending Writer’s Procrastination Tool Box (WPTB) absolutely *FREE.

The WPTB comes with a list of links to websites and blogs where you can waste hours of writing time. It also includes snacks to much while you waste time. Yes, my friends, WPTB has it all.

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this amazing offer. Join CRASH today!

*plus $59.99 for shipping and handling.


Thank you for reading that important message from our sponsor. And now back to your regularly scheduled blog post.

Okay, so CRASH doesn’t exist, but I can certainly send you the list of websites from the WPTB. ;-)

Since I was busy with life stuff yesterday (no I wasn’t wasting time online), I didn’t get much rewriting done. My word count looks like this:

What does your progress look like?

In other news, Lisa Schroeder is having an ARC giveaway on her blog. Go check it out and enter for your chance to win some amazing ARCs!

Now I must close my WPTB and go back to writing!

Write on.

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