Saturday, April 10, 2010

Six on Saturday

1. Today will be a clean up day. The kids aren’t too thrilled with the prospect, but I promised them Lunchables if they can get the living room, kitchen, and hall cleaned up before lunch (they have four hours so I think they’ll make it) so that helped make things a bit better.

I’m not sure why they love Lunchables so much, but they do, and I’m grateful for it because it’s a great bribery tool and somewhat healthy (hey, I said somewhat).

2. The puppies are six weeks old today so it’s time to introduce them to solid food . . . well solid food soaked in water. They can’t crunch it up just yet so we have to start slow.

3. Hubby and I might get a chance to go to the movies this afternoon. I’m thinking we’ll see “Clash of the Titans.” I admit to liking the older version when I was growing up, but I had no desire to see this one. However, one of my sisters saw it and said she liked it and thought I would too so I’m going to take her word for it and give it a shot.

4. My oldest nephew will be 18 on Monday. This boggles my mind because it reminds me that my oldest will be 17 in June! I think I’m getting old.

5. Sometime today I’d like to find time to finish up the read through of one of my MS (the first step in the revision process). I’m not sure the time will present itself, but I’m hoping.

6. I’m also hoping to find some reading time (probably tonight while hubby watches TV) so I can keep working through my TBR pile.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Write on (or clean on, or read on, or whatever you are doing).

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