Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Final Wednesday Fools of April Check In

Can you believe this is the final Wednesday of April? It’s been sharing the motivation and encouragement with all of you. I didn’t quite reach my goals since school assignments got in the way, but I did get quite a bit of writing done. I’m much further along in my new WIP than I would be if I hadn’t done Fools of April.

I’m hoping to finish the MS and begin revising by June. I think it’s an achievable goal since school will be out in a couple of weeks and I’ll have much more time to concentrate on my writing. YAY!

Not that education isn’t important, but I’ll be glad when the semester is over. I think full time is too much for my busy life right now. In the fall, I’ll be going part time, and I believe it will work out better for my writing and family.

Anyway, how have you done on your goals this April? Did you accomplish all you wanted to? Don’t be discouraged if you didn’t reach your goal, because as long as you worked toward it and did some writing, you rock!

Write on.

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