Thursday, November 20, 2008

I was so beautiful to him . . .

After my elation of finishing my Nano novel, hubby and I went to pick the children up from school. We greeted them as they climbed into the van and scrambled for their seat belts (I was driving). As we pulled out of the school, we asked the usual question, "So, how was your day?" and the children usually respond with, "Fine. I had *insert PE, Music, Library depending on the day of the week*" and continue with any exciting or interesting things that may have happened (including what was on the menu for lunch).

But yesterday was different. Yesterday our kindergartner, Jaykeb, had a substitute. So, when we asked how the day went, the following conversation occured:

"It was a great day," Jaykeb gushed. "I had a substitute and she was SOOOO beautiful!"

"Really?" I asked. "What was her name?"

"I don't remember," Jaykeb said. "But she was SOOO beautiful. And she had a tattoo on her ankle and it was so beautiful."

"Well, tattoos aren't beautiful," Daddy said. "We don't get tattoos on our bodies because we don't think they are beautiful."

"Well she had one and it was so beautiful," Jaykeb said. "It had a tree and flowers and stuff and it really looked beautiful to me."

"What color hair did she have," I asked, attempting to divert the tattoo battle Daddy was willing to fight to the death.

"She had long beautiful blonde hair," Jaykeb said.

"Was she more beautiful than Ms. Daniels," I asked. Ms. Daniels is his teacher this year.

"Well, Ms. Daniels is old," Jaykeb said. "And the substitute was young and she was so beautiful."

"Is she more beautiful than me?" I asked, knowing how attached he is to me and knowing he has always declared no one to be more beautiful than his mommy.

"Well, she doesn't have polka dots on her like you do," Jaykeb said. "So she's more beautiful than you."

"Oh," I said, rather shocked. "Okay. But they're called freckles, not polka dots."

"Whatever," Jaykeb said. "She still didn't have any and she is so beautiful and she will be there again tomorrow."

I think he could tell his comments may have stung a bit for he said, "But you're still my favorite even if she's more beautiful."

Yeah . . . I'm no longer the most beautiful woman in his eyes. I knew this day would come . . . I just hoped it would be much later . . .

So, I determined I needed to see this substitute for myself since I hadn't paid particular attention to her when I dropped him off yesterday. I walked him into the classroom and smiled as I watched him try to act all grown up and important. Ms. Beautiful (I still don't know her name) said hello to him and he tried to act all nonchalant about it. He said, "Hey," like it was no big deal. Then he went to his table and talked with some of his friends.

I approached the table where the teacher was sitting and told her how Jaykeb gushed about her the previous evening. She blushed laughed and I could tell I'd totally embarrassed her. She told me that during recess the previous day, Jaykeb had decided not to play but to sit by her and tell her all about fireflies.


My baby has a teacher crush . . . I just hope he's not too crushed when Ms. Daniels comes back . . . and I hope he doesn't say anything to Ms. Daniels about liking Ms. Beautiful better.

Now, I'm going to jump on the revision wagon and start whipping Wolfsbane At Midnight into shape.

Write on.


  1. Oh Joan! Too funny! I wonder if he'll remember this first crush of his when he's all grown up. I hope he does.

  2. Well, I wrote it down so I can remind him . . . should have gotten a picture of her though. Darn I didn't think of it before . . . maybe she'll substitute again before the year is out. *grin*