Monday, June 12, 2006

You write, right?

Yes, it's true, I've done some writing! I know, I know, amazing isn't it? I guess you all need a moment to compose yourselves after that little shock. Go ahead, take a moment. Better now?

So, what writing did I do? I composed a short story that will probably go nowhere, but it was fun and fulfilling to get back into the groove. Now, I know I should focus on my novel, but I'm taking some time to look at the novels of others and giving my opinion . . . otherwise known as a critique. I am also sending some of my work for critique by others. I love this process as it gives me the opportunity to learn what other people think of my work, and hopefully help those I critique.

Besides, after spending so much time with my novel, I have to admit, I'm at the hating-it-and-wanting-to-chuck-it-out-a-window stage. Having critiques helps me get the spark of love for my work back. Then I can revise and improve and hopefully all will be well with the world . . . well maybe the world is a bit too much, but at least everything may be well with my book and thus my little corner of the world. :-)

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