Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Hamster life

Sometimes I think it would be nice to be a hamster. My Dwarf Hamster (I took Harvey back and traded him for a nicer model which I named Luna) sleeps off and on through the day and plays mostly at night. She doesn't have to worry about children, or bills, or anything except where her food and water is and whether to run in the wheel or climb up the toobs (yes, that's how it's spelled). Well, she has to worry about me sticking my hands in the cage to hold her, but that seems to be it. Of course, life is always greener and all that . . . were I actually a hamster, I may realize that it isn't the wonderful life I imagine it to be.

Alas, I am (and will continue to be) a human. So I have bills that I need to pay, children that need cared for, a house that needs cleaned, and sleep that has been lost (never to be found). Though I sometimes wish this wasn't my life, it is, and I will make the best of it. Besides, if I were a hamster, I wouldn't have the pleasure of typing. :-)

In truth, my life is good. I have a house to live in (even if it isn't always clean), I have a husband and children who love me (even if they also annoy me now and then), I have food to eat (even if I have to prepare it), and I have fingers to type with (even if they fumble once in a hwile). So my life is more desirable than that of a hamster (though a hamster gets more sleep). :-)

As for writing, I've not done much. I've enjoyed critiquing the work of others and have plans to do some revisions based upon critiques others have done on my work. But the plans have yet to be carried out. I've sent a couple of queries to agents, but haven't heard back. I'm not sure if this signifies a lack of interest, or a contemplation of an offer. I suppose if I don't hear back, it's a "no."

I am researching a couple more agents and will query them soon.

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