Thursday, April 20, 2006


Well, I believe I've found my diamond! Now I just have to clean it, cut it, and polish it until it sparkles! Yay! Then I can write a query that puts my diamond in the best light so it dazzles the agent/editor and he/she just can't resist asking for more! :-) I only wish I had waited to send queries. Now the agents I queried won't have a chance to be dazzled. Ah well, write and rewrite.

In other news, our puppy is getting closer to having a name. We are trying to decide between Marshmallow and Miss Moon Beam (Moony for short). Perhaps we should combine the two and call her Miss Marshmallow Moon Beam (Moony Mallow for short). :-) In the meantime, I am referring to her as She-who-has-not-been-named (only Harry Potter fans will understand the reference). :-)

Well, I must get to work on my diamond. When it's all cut and polished, I'll let you know if it passes the cutting glass test. Only then will I know if it is truly a diamond.

Happy Writing!


  1. You could just change the title and then re-query the new shiny manuscript.

  2. lol, now there's a thought! (insert evil laughter) :-)