Saturday, April 29, 2006

Adventures in Breakfast

So what did you eat this morning? I had a bowl of Rice Krispies. Now for those Rice Krispie purists out there (a purist being one who believes Rice Krispies should remain unadorned and unadulterated, thus they either eat their Krispies plain or allow only milk to contact their Krispies), please turn away, for I am about to divulge my warped and unpure way of enjoying my Rice Krispies.

I assemble the necessary tools (a bowl, a spoon, the box of Rice Krispies, the gallon of milk, and my secret ingredient) and set them on the counter. My secret ingredient goes into the bowl first, followed by the Krispies. The milk is then poured over the top and the spoon inserted. I lift a bite to my mouth and enjoy! :-)

If you are guessing my secret ingredient to be a fruit of some kind, you are correct. Is it Strawberry? Banana? Kiwi? Orange? What can it be? Well, don't think me strange (I threw in Kiwi and Orange as options to throw you off), but I prefer to add seedless, green grapes to my Rice Krispies.

This may sound odd, or even gross, but have you ever tried it? NO? Try it and then you can tell me how you like (or don't like) it!

So, what do you eat on your Rice Krispies? If you don't eat Rice Krispies, what do you eat? I think a person's food says a lot about them . . . not that I believe you truly are what you eat (or I'd be a walking bar of chocolate by now). :-) So what does my eating green grapes with my Krispies say about me? It depends on your point of view (the way you look at things, not the POV you write in). :-)

What do you think?


  1. A nice handful of marshmallows is always a good addition.

  2. Raspberries! Fresh raspberries with cream... but I'd leave off the Rice Krispies I'm hesitant to say. Actually I'm a coffee, followed by more coffee in the morning kind of gal but if I must eat breakfast my ideal breakfast is hash browns and orange juice. (a craving left over from my college days)

    Best thoughts,