Sunday, January 17, 2010

The new Farwalker's apprentices are

It's time for another drawing! The ARCs for The Timekeeper's Moon by Joni Sensel made their way out into the hands of the first Farwalker's apprentices. They enjoyed their stay and were great company (you can see a review by Mary Cronk Farrell on the Story Force blog. Now it's time for the ARCs to continue their Farwalking and move on to the next villages.

Where will they be going? We have two names this time. The third book is still waiting for the winner's address from last time.

Once again D1 did the drawing (kindly excuse the paint on her face and fingers . . . she got a paint by number set. I'm thinking more paint is getting on her than on the canvas):

getting ready to draw

The first name is:

First name

jbvadeboncoeur! Congratulations!


The second winner is:

second name

lchardesty! Congratulations!


I'll be contacting you both for your mailing addresses. If I can't get your address within a week, I'll draw new names.


Stay tuned for another chance to become a Farwalker's apprentice!

Write on.

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