Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Exercising Creativity

You know how they say if you don’t use your muscles, they’ll deteriorate? I think it’s the same with creativity. If you don’t do something to exercise your creative mind, your creativity deteriorates. We certainly don’t want that to happen!

In exercise, it’s good to keep things fresh by doing different exercises to keep the muscles stimulated. The same old exercises won’t work the muscles as well, or at least won’t exercise more than the same muscles over and over (at least I think that’s how I remember being told it works . . . I don’t exercise enough to really know what I’m talking about . . . but go with me on this one).

I think this is also true for creativity. Sure, I write, but I also need other creative outlets to keep from becoming stagnant and to focus on different creative muscles. In addition to my writing, reading books, making beaded bookmarks, drawing, singing, sewing, painting, etc., I recently found a new creative outlet!

Some of you will remember I took a ceramics class during the Spring semester and fell in love with it. So, I decided this is a form of creative exercise I should continue. I signed up for it again this semester. First of all, let me say, if you’ve never played with mud, you’re missing out. I played with mud all the time growing up, and as I’m in ceramics class, I’m taken right back to my childhood . . . though I’m a bit more creative now and the mud is in the more solid form of clay.

I missed getting to play with the clay yesterday because of the holiday so I was all kinds of excited to get to go back to class today. Especially when I arrived and found my first finished project of the semester waiting for me.


Grape Vase front


Grape Vase back 


Grape Vase side 

I set out to make a vase (though several people in my class thought it was a wine bottle chiller . . . I suppose it could be, but I don’t drink wine so it’s a vase), and I’m pleased with the results. I’m not sure what possessed me to make the top like I did . . . it just happened . . . but it gives it a little something extra, and I’m happy.

Doing something like this (or any of the other creative exercises I do) keeps my creative mind energetic and fresh and ready to . . . well, be creative! I glazed two other pieces today and put the rest in the kiln for the first firing. I’m excited to go back next week and do some more! I have so many ideas for new projects and can’t wait to see how they turn out.

In the creative writing front, after playing with mud, my mind is full of creativity, and I’m ready for a day of writing tomorrow! I got another two hundred words done over the long weekend (brother-in-law came from Idaho so we spent most of the time visiting with him), and am planning on doing more writing tonight (after homework and dinner and bedtime for the kids).

But tomorrow will be a full day of writing!! At least that’s my plan. Now I just have to hope that life doesn’t interfere with my plans.

What do you do to exercise your creative muscles when you aren’t writing?

Create on!


  1. Hey, your vase looks great! (Although it DOES look a little like a wine bottle holder) LOL Maybe it's the grapes.
    I like to cook and try new recipes weekly. And I like to run too. (I need to after all that eating) :)

  2. You're very talented! This is gorgeous! I love what you did at the top, very special!!!

    For me I'm a scarves type of girl. I've recently started knitting. I also work on collages and I do love to decorate my home so interior design is also in my blood! Creative all around I suppose!

  3. Thanks, Jennifer and Jen!

    Cooking used to be more fun for me, Jennifer, but now that my kids are so picky it's taken all the fun out of the process for me. They often refuse to eat the new recipies I try (and it's not that I'm a bad cook either . . . my kids just want the familiar). =(

    Knitting doesn't come as easily to me as crochet does. I did manage to knit an entire baby blanket once . . . eighteen years ago. ;-) I don't have time for crochet or knitting now though. I hope to crochet again someday (still have an unfinished blanket tied up in a grocery bag) and maybe I'll pick up my knitting needles . . . or buy new ones because I've seen some pretty cool ones that are attached and am curious about how they work and what they're for.