Monday, January 26, 2009

Want to win Chocolate?

In honor of Valentine's Day (coming soon to a calendar near you), I thought I'd hold a little contest. First of all, let me show you my inspiration for this idea.

My husband saw this in a store and thought it was funny so he brought it home to me.


This is a Marital Bliss Bar from Bloomsberry & Co. (not to be confused with Bloomsbury). I thought it was hilarious! Now we did open it and eat a bit of it. He only got two squares . . . much less than the 50% the box gave him . . . but I won't eat the rest of it without him . . . I'll be good. I can resist, really I can. =D Let me tell you, this is good stuff!

On to the CONTEST!

From now until February 7th, I'd like to hear your WORST Valentines gift and/or experience. The gift can be something you either gave or received, but the experience must be your own. Everyone who posts a comment with either a worst gift or worst experience will have one entry into the contest. You may post both a worst gift and a worst experience if you wish to have two entries. And if you wish to have three entries, you may post a worst gift, a worst experience, AND post about this contest (with a link to this post . . . either from my LJ or my Blogger) in your blog.

Why would you want to win this contest? For the fabulous prizes, of course! Oh, did I forget to tell you about the prizes?

Well, here we go . . .

There will be two winners.

Grand prize is your own Marital Bliss Bar as well as other chocolate/Valentine's Day related goodies, a $25 card, and a $50 Rim Treasure gift card!

And don't worry about the Valentine's Day related goodies, I won't be sending lingerie or anything kinky (I'll keep those things for myself =D). I'll add a picture of the chocolate items soon (will be going shopping in a bit).

Here's a picture of the goodies for the Grand Prize

First prize is a Marital Bliss Bar, a chocolate frog (not from Harry Potter) and a $25 Rim Treasure gift card.

Here's a picture of the first prize chocolate

The contest will end on February 7th at 6:00pm EST (so I will hopefully have time to mail the goodies to arrive before Valentine's Day).

Go ahead, you know you want to enter. ;-)

Write on.


  1. Well, shoot. I am totally going to dog on my husband, due to the fact that I don't have a lot of experiences concerning Valentine's Day except with him. (Which is pathetic enough-that alone should count as an entry. boohoo) Anyway, One Valentine's Day we traveled to Provo to go to a Stake Valentine's Dinner/Dance hosted by Melvin's Ward. They had even had people to watch our first child. So, we ate dinner and then most of the other couples start dancing. This includes the rest of my family members who were at our table. Now, I love dancing, and he knows it and danced with me when we were dating. Total misrepresentation. I sat there waiting for him to ask me. He never did and so I finally asked him and he refused to dance with me. Talk about a cruddy feeling being rejected on Valentine's Day by your husband, in front of your family. Did he make it up to me with a grand gesture, maybe a nice Valentine's Day present? Nope. *popping 'p'* Nothing. Wow, I thought I had forgotten about that night. Now I need to think of three nice things about him. :) I would post them here, but I don't want to ruin my sad-sap story. :(

  2. I almost remember that! That is too sad. It seemed like one of my kids were sick or they got sick while we were there and threw up. Does that ring a bell to you Amy? I still had fun though! Joan, you are soooo fun and creative. I finally linked your blog to mine, so I will try and do better to check up on it. It all depends on how many times I can stay awake this late at night. It seems that is my only quiet time and nothing-going-on-time...I really should be sleeping. :)