Thursday, June 7, 2007

Creativity . . . all is not lost

Well, I haven't been doing much writing, but before you blame it on the dogs, I must tell you that it is NOT their fault . . . well not ALL their fault anyway. I do plan on doing some writing at some point in the week.

But if I don't, this blog will have to count because I am busy being creative in other ways. I am currently working on a project for my friend Amy. I've had the privilege of drawing a logo and designing a business card for her. It has been a blast! I know it seems ridiculous that I'm all kinds of excited about it, but it really got me to tap into my creative side. The creativity lay dormant for far too long and now that it is released, there is no stopping it (insert evil laughter).

It's like I've been wandering in a barren desert and I've finally found an oasis. I am saved! I think the heat from the desert must have gotten to me though because until I found the oasis, I didn't even realize I was thirsty. LOL

Anyway, thanks to Amy and Janelle, my writing and drawing will be back on track! Thanks a billion guys!!

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